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PVA EXPO PRAHA Výstaviště Letňany

ABF, a.s.



Every year it is possible to see presentations of the number one firms from the sector at these trade fairs. Every firm which deals with designing and budgeting activities, constructions and renovations, supply of building materials and technical equipment of buildings, diagnostics, audits, consultancy or methods of funding can find its place there. 



The interest in cost-efficient living always grows. This is evidenced not only by the growing interest of companies in presenting their products and services there, but also by the continually growing number of visitors, which has exceeded 21,000 this year.


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German craftsmen mission on fairs: Cesty dřeva, FOR PASIV, Střechy, Řemeslo, PURPO 2017. Press release

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) at the Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic have organized with a cooperation with ABF company and Roofs Prague mission of German entrepreneurs on February crafts fairs, which will take place at PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letnany.

The main foreign partner of the project is EEN at Dresden Chamber of Trades and Crafts Handwerkskammer Dresden, members of which have a long-term interest in cooperation with Czech crafts firms and suppliers of building materials.

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At the trade fair it will be possible to see presentations of log cabins, timber constructions and prefabricated wooden buildings. An attractive accompanying programme is prepared as well. Visitors may look forward, for example, to the project entitled “ROUBENKA NAŽIVO” (Timber Construction in Live Transmission), where students of the Higher Professional School and Secondary Technical School of Volyně in cooperation with DEKWOOD are to construct the front part of a timber construction. The DEKWOOD Company will furthermore present its range of services within the framework of lectures focused on living in a timber construction. Many useful lectures, seminars and advisory centres are prepared within the framework of the simultaneous organisation of the trade fairs. This means that also the professional as well as general public will find there a lot of interesting things. A part of the CESTY DŘEVA (ALL ABOUT WOOD) Trade Fair will include also the first qualification round of the competition overview of building trades and crafts known as SUSO.

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Come to the trade fair with children!

Remember to take your children with you to the February trade fairs ALL ABOUT WOOD, FOR PASIV and ROOFS PRAGUE organised at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letňany. Opposite the CAFÉ LETOHRÁDEK in Hall 2, Sector D, they will be able to enjoy the large playing area for the smallest visitors. Parents can have a rest over a cup of good coffee and absorb the information obtained at the trade fair.



The educational programme known as LESNÍ SVĚT (Forest World) will have an extensive exposition in this part of the trade fair as well, and children will have an opportunity of trying interactive wooden aids intended for environmental education and forest pedagogy, such as blackboards, ecological games and aids.




We are looking forward to meeting you!

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The FOR PASIV Trade Fair to offer the state-of the-art trends in the field of passive buildings. The event will include also the Cesty dřeva (All About Wood) and Střechy Praha (Roofs Prague) Trade Fairs

Are you planning construction or renovation of a house? Are you running a firm operating in the field of the wood-processing industry or are you a craftsman? If yes, then please welcome to the Trade Fair of Low-energy, Passive and Zero-energy Building FOR PASIV and simultaneously held Trade Fairs CESTY DŘEVA (ALL ABOUT WOOD) and STŘECHY PRAHA (ROOFS PRAGUE). The trade fairs will be held from 9 to 11 February 2017 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre in Letňany.


The FOR PASIV Trade Fair will introduce all about passive buildings, walled as well as wooden buildings, and an advisory centre is prepared for you as well.


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The WAYS OF WOOD Project will hold the interest also of visitors from the field of forestry and wood processing next year!

In the follow-up to the successful first edition of the unique project known as WAYS OF WOOD, where wood was presented especially from the viewpoint of its use in the building industry and exhibition halls were decorated by log cabins, timbered cottages or non-residential wooden constructions, the organisers have decided, in connection with the current demand on the market, to enrich the existing nomenclature for the next year’s edition also with the sectors of FOREST MANAGEMENT and WOOD PROCESSING. For whom will this trade fair be intended in 2017?

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